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This is the 5th year we go to the Dolomites and last year we stayed there for 4 weeks. We drove the area far and wide and had time to discover every fairytale clearing and every lake hidden by the mountain.

In July 2023 we return with a week-long E-MTB Camp bringing together all our favorite tours in the area.

We have a modern B&B with spa and fantastic breakfast, from where we go exploring to Sella Ronda, Malga Condrin, Lake Careza, bikepark sessions and many hidden treasures of the area and a day of trekking to one of the most spectacular vf over 3000 meters from the Vf area. Piz Boe.


Let's explore the Dolomites together! 



Dolomites Ebike Trip

  • 20-27 Iulie

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