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Very close to Brașov in the longest chain mountains in Romania, the Persian mountains, is the Racos Geolocig Complex

1. Lacul de Smarald is located in the northeastern part of the Racoș Geological Complex and includes a geological section of the basaltic volcano 200 m long and over 50 m high. Lacul de Smarald is fed by precipitation, from melting snow, but also from bottom springs, identified since the time of basalt mining. Forms of basaltic flows can be observed here, as well as a tectonized section of the overlying volcanogenic-sedimentary formation.

2. The Stins volcano is known as the volcano with the most recent activity on the territory of Romania, even though it last erupted many thousands of years ago.

3. Basalt columns. The height of the Basalt Columns is between 8-10 m. Basalt mining stopped in the 60s of the last century, when the site was declared a natural monument.


The Emerald Lake and the columns to base from Racos

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